EHSQ Management/Procedure

Safety Meetings

Monthly general EHSQ meetings will be held and presided over by the Managing Director or his designate. T he meeting day shall be last Thursday of each month.  All company staff shall attend the meeting.

The base office shall hold weekly EHSQ meetings.  All office based staff, and off duty field engineers should attend.  The meeting day shall be every Monday.  The base Manager or his designate shall preside over the meeting.  The minutes of the meeting shall be forwarded to EHSQ department.

Workshop personnel shall hold weekly EHSQ meeting.  All workshop personnel and off duty foremen and workmen should attend. The meeting day is every Monday.  Minutes of the meeting should be sent to the safety department.  The workshop supervisor or his designate shall preside over the meeting.

Tool box meeting shall be held before a new job begins or at every change of activity or shift.

The company EHSQ Manager and other designate staff shall attend our client EHSQ meetings and seminars when so invited.

A quarterly company management EHSQ committee meeting shall be held to ensure compliance and review of EHSQ performances.  The Managing Director or his designate shall preside over the meeting.

EHSQ task force meeting shall be held every first Wednesday of every month.

A monthly contract Alliance Partner EHSQ meeting shall be held to monitor compliance to client EHSQ requirements.  The client company shall be informed of the proceeding of the meetings.


Training of personnel on EHSQ courses will continue and our focal point will liaise with Head of Admin/Finance to ensure strict compliance with the approved company safety-training

programme.   A training consultant shall be contracted for in-house training to achieve our stated objectives.

Audit and inspection

EHSQ audit and inspection on our facilities shall be carried out once every month.

Task force members shall perform five unsafe acs/ unsafe condition audits every month.

Field engineers/operators shall perform one Unsafe/Act/Unsafe condition audit during each tour.

Waste management audit shall be performed weekly.

First aid boxes will be inspected monthly to ensure adequate supply.  Usage of first aid treatment must be documented.

Fire fighting equipment shall be inspected daily to ensure positioning and readiness.

PPE will be inspected weekly to ensure adequate inventory.

Transport Safety


The EHSQ officer shall carry out routine vehicle checks on company / contractor’s vehicles with logistics supervisor.  Reports of the checks will be documented and send to EHSQ department / Journey Manager.

Communication equipment will be installed in the company operational vehicles in 2013 for the effective monitoring and control of driving habits.

Holders of valid National Drivers Licence who will be due for renewal must be reminded to do so.

All company drivers shall undergo Porto Clinic/glare test in 2013.  No night trips shall be allowed except emergencies.

Zero road traffic accident is targeted for 2013.



    - Smoking will not be allowed in the company shared offices.

      - Company staff shall comply with the smoking policy of our client.

      - We shall carry out a campaign to discourage smoking in 2013.

Accident Reporting

All accidents will be reported within 24 hours and all staff will be stimulated to also report near-miss incidents.  The EHSQ focal point will maintain an accident data base in order to study common features and trends and will recommend corrective followed ups.  Accident report form and Near Miss incident report form are found in appendix 1 and 2.

Effective Motivation


  1.     To disseminate learning points directly, any incident will be discussed in detail after the incident in the first weekly EHSQ meeting or in the general monthly EHSQ meeting.
  2.     Budget will be made available to present token gifts for outstanding EHSQ performance.  The EHSQ focal point shall make suggestions to be Management.


Health Risk Assessment

  • All Hilca personnel shall undergo bi-annual medical examination of fitness and medical fitness certificate issued.
  • The campaign against Aids will be intensified.
  • No third party women will be allowed to visit out work place.
  • Office and Guesthouse accommodation must be screened against mosquitoes and regularly fumigated every six months.



Provision of good quality, reliable communication equipment – radio, and telephone/fax in Port Harcourt and Warri offices will be vigorously pursued.  All EHSQ matters shall be made public on the notice board and during EHSQ meeting.


Emergency Drills

To reduce confusion and obtain effective emergency action, emergency drills based on emergency conditions, shall be conducted once every month as if they were real emergency.  Every employee shall participate in the drill conducted.  Drill exercise shall cover fire, medevac and abandonment emergencies.


Contingency Plan and Procedures

Hilca has a defined documented plan and procedures for potential emergencies. This covers fire explosions, lost of person/ vehicle, medial evacuation, abandonment, man overboard, spillage, mob action/community assault, armed robbery, accidental injuries, and violent weather/radiation.  The structure for responding to emergencies is defined in the emergency procedure chart as found in appendix 3.


Fire Fighting

- Adequate numbers of fire extinguishers are provided for our equipments, office accommodations and Guesthouse.

- All fire extinguishers are recharged every six-month.

- Company employees shall be trained in the use of fire fighting equipment.


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