Hilca Quality System Elements
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Hilca Quality System Elements




·         Hilca Quality Policy

·          Hilca Quality Objectives

·         Responsibility and Authority

·         Resources

·         Appointment of Management Representative

·          Hilca Management Review Meetings.



 Hilca is committed to the provision of quality services, which will both, meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.  This is to promote customers confidence in our ability to consistently delivery specified quality services at all times.

The CEO ensures that his quality policy is relevant to the company’s operations at all times and that all staff of Hilca understands the policy.  He ensures that copies of the policy are available to staff  / or pasted on notice boards.



In order to realize the above quality policy Management of Hilca pursues the following quality objectives.

· Ensuring that Hilca operates with the requirements of International Standard (NIS ISO 901: 1994) and other relevant standards.

· Ensuring that only experienced and qualified personnel handles all operations equipment that could affect the quality of our products and services

· Ensuring that the company employs the most cost effective and efficient technology while handling operations that could affect the quality of our products and services.

· Ensuring that the criteria for workmanship are established standards, codes specifications among others are readily available to carry out operations that could affect the quality of our products and services.



· At Hilca, responsibility and corresponding authorities are defined and documented for personnel who manage, perform or verify operations that affect the quality of our products / services.

· The CEO ensures that employees are assigned responsibilities appropriate to their qualifications and or experience and that there are defined lines of reporting devoid of clash of interest or lack of Co-ordination


· The CEO ensures that adequate resources (both human and material) are provided for effective implement of the company’s quality system.  He also ensures that funds are adequately released for subcontracted activities.

· The Operations Accountant ensures that approved funds are promptly released for quality related functions.



The QM Manager is the Representative of Hilca on all quality issues.  The Manager Representative, apart from other duties, is responsible for the establishment, effective implementation and maintenance of the Hilca quality system.  He also reports on the performance of the quality system to Hilca Management on a Weekly / Monthly basis to Hilca Management.



Hilca Management reviews its quality system on a weekly basis during the departmental meetings in order to ensuring the adequacy of staffing, resources allocation, organizational structure’ continuous conformity with the requirement of NIS ISO 9001: 1994 compliance with  Hilca quality policy and objectives; and adequate review of customer feedback, departmental activities reports and complaint among others.

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