What We Do

What We Do


Our desire is to play a leading role in the provision of calibration services in the industry, Hilca’s staff are highly trained and proficient in the use of equipments to carry out calibration with volumetric accuracy and mathematical finesse.
We are committed to provide a complete solutions and calibration package to our esteemed customers at competitive prices;
(i) Road Tanker Calibration: We have worked very hard to improve on the industry calibration processes based on the serious product receipt challenges and shortage conflicts experienced overtime by Stakeholders.
Road Tanker Calibration is done by Liquid Method and with error free equipments; there is a follow up on the Performance of the Calibration Services provided to our customers. This is achieved through verification and authentication Process.
The Calibration Certificates are produced with a lot of security checks to discourage forgery and the charts are posted on our website for reference purposes, there is a site for clients on Hilca website address; www.hilcagroup.com.ng; for reference purposes.
(ii) Underground Tank Calibration: This Tank Calibration is done by liquid Method Calibration after Pressure Testing and Tank Integrity check has been conducted.
The second stage is the Calibration Confirmation Method through the use of Automatic Tank Gauge and Sensors.
(iii) Vertical Tank Calibration: This tank calibration is done by strapping method or dry calibration, Vertical Tank Calibration Certificates are issued after calibration and ATG could also be installed to reduce the stress of tank dip twice per day.
We are also involved in the production of dip sticks, T ullage Bars, Flow Meter Maintenance and Meter Proving, accuload and loading arm Calibration.
You can rely on our experience in calibration and Terminal Operations to deliver good services on metering/instrumentation.
Our Calibration and Inspection Staff are well trained to interpret Calibration Certificates, walk through Product Discharge Process, carry out Shortage Investigation and resolve conflicts between Dealers and Transporters/Drivers.
(i) Daily Pre-loading Inspection – The objective is to improve on the existing Fleet Safety Standards and minimize accidents caused by equipments malfunction. Clients Trucks must be in top form to handle fast product deliveries to customer sites.
(ii) Point of entry assessment/Annual Truck Comprehensive Inspection – New Investor’s Truck audit or Existing Transport Service Provider (TSP) that plans to inject more trucks to his fleet or replacing old Trucks with new ones.
Annual Truck Audit /Comprehensive Inspection is carried out periodically in order to; Ensure Transport Service Providers maintains the Minimum Truck Standards, Identify Non-conforming trucks (e.g. worn out tyres, inefficient equipment resulting from age or neglect)
We are positioning to Manage Fleet or haulaging outfits for effective and efficient Petroleum Products delivery due to the demands of the various aspects of our business.
Hilca Company Limited would be involved in the provision of Road Haulage Services to current and future clients, delivering Products Professionally in a timely and efficient manner that will guarantee Customer Satisfaction.
(i) Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) site is a process where orders are created by the vendor on the demand of the customer.
The challenge of operating a fuel dump or tank facility by Organizations whose core business are outside petroleum products handling created the need for experts to operate VMI locations. We are equally involved in the Management of VMI Sites.
(ii) Retail Outlets: we currently manage two retail outlets with highly trained personnel in petroleum products handling and sales forecourt management.
Bulk Products Supply and Distribution is part of our business, we are also involved in the hiring of storage tanks from Private Terminals with through-put implications and sale of Petroleum Products to end users.
Staff motivation is part of our cultural values, all our staff are being trained to build the required capacity in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to meet with the challenges in the Oil and Gas sector
Our trained staff can effectively compete with their peers and also be ready to take more responsibilities in the downstream sector.

Solving Shortage Conflicts in Products Delivery in the oil and gas industry through measurement and controls.

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Our passion as solutions providers in Measurement & Controls is to solve Shortage Conflicts in Products Delivery in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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