Leak Tests and Pressure Testing, Hydrostatic Tests for LPG Tanks, Station and Storage Tanks, Road Tankers – Petroleum facilities are required to perform periodic integrity tests of their Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST/UST) this is a requirement from Nigerian Midstream & Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Environmental Protection Agency and Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measure (SPCC) regulations.

These inspections are designed to detect visible signs of leakages as well as evaluate the corrosion rate and running corrosion allowance.

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM), Leak detection Test, Pressure Test and Hydrostatic Test are done for LPG storage Tanks, UG Tanks, AG/Surface Tanks and Vertical Tanks as the need arises based on Regulatory body requirements and is a prerequisite to obtain license to operate. Leak Test are required Periodically especially for the existing or new tanks for license renewal or new license.

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