Road Tankers, Surface Tanks/Above Ground (AG), Under Ground (UG) Tanks

Our desire is to play a leading role in the provision of calibration services in the industry, Hilca’s staff are highly trained and proficient in the use of equipment to carry out calibration with volumetric accuracy and mathematical finesse.

We are committed to provide a complete solution and calibration package to our esteemed customers at competitive rates;

(i) Road Tanker Calibration – we have worked very hard to improve on the industry calibration process based on the serious product receipt challenges and shortage conflicts being experienced by all parties.

Road Tanker Calibration is done by Liquid Method and with error free equipment; there is a follow up on the performance of the calibration Service provided to our customers. This is achieved through verification and authentication Process.

The Calibration Certificates are produced with a lot of security checks to discourage forgery and the charts are posted on the internet, there is a site for clients on Hilca website address; www.hilcagroup.com for reference purposes.

(ii) Underground (UG) Tank Calibration; In our Process, underground tank Calibration is done by Wet and Prover tank Method after pressure testing and integrity checks of the tank has been concluded and tank cleaning done if need be.

Aboveground (AG) or Surface Tank calibrations are done by strapping or dry calibration method and or wet method if products are available; Horizontal/Vertical Tank Calibration Certificates are issued after calibration.

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